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"Now may be the time to empty out those overflowing cabinets, to clear off those flooded workstations and to ship everything you don't need to our facilities at Data File Storage."
Read more from our article entitled "Organized File Management" to learn how archiving your files off-site can help keep a clean and efficient office environment.

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At Data File Storage, we ARE your file storage alternative.  With limited options to consider in downtown Little Rock for specific warehouse and storage needs, our 50,000 plus square foot storage facility offers any city business an ample solution.

   Located at 620 President Clinton Avenue, we are conveniently located in the River Market district of Little Rock and sit a surprisingly short distance away from the hub of Little Rock's city business offices, including the Metropolitan Tower, Regions Center, Stephens Building, Pyramid Building, and many others.

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Find out what you could be saving in space and money by switching from filing cabinets to storage racks.

Closing Dates:

Please CLICK HERE for an updated list of calendar closings for Data File Storage.

NOTICE:  Our Summer schedule of closing on Fridays begins Memorial Day and ends Labor Day.